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April Newsletter

Heartworm Season

It’s heartworm season again! This is a topic that cannot be revisited too often, it is that important. Here are just a few key reminders:

  • Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos in a larval form. Transmission does not involve dog to dog contact.
  • Heartworms take 6 months from transmission by mosquito to become adults
  • Most heartworm tests in dogs test for the antigen of an adult female worm, so a positive test indicates an infection from at least 6 months previously
  • Heartworm tests can be done in-house and take very little time.
  • Monthly preventative is available, and there are multiple products. Many preventatives are also intestinal dewormers, and one product will even kill FLEA eggs and larvae while controlling heartworms and intestinal parasites.
  • Monthly preventative must be given on the same day every month. Breakthrough infections have been known to occur if preventative is missed by even one to two weeks.
  • If your dog is a patient of Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital and you give year-round monthly preventative faithfully, we only require a heartworm test every other year. Let us know if you qualify.

Remember, dogs with heartworms are often without symptom until the worm burden is very severe. If detected early, treatment comes with fewer risks. However, treatment for existing heartworm is a lot more expensive than preventative. So…
Preventative is the best option for a happy and healthy heartworm-free dog!