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August Newsletter

Vacationing with Your Dog

When traveling with your pets, you’ll want to plan ahead for their comfort and a stress free trip for everyone involved. Pack enough of your dog's regular food to last the entire trip. In dogs with sensitive stomachs, you might even consider either taking a thermos of water from home or using bottled water for your dog’s needs to prevent inconsistencies that can cause digestive upsets. A few treats in a zip lock bag can keep your dog satisfied during a long drive or a layover in an airport. Changing brands of food should be avoided.

If your dog likes to ride, this can be a fun trip for both of you. Pack along a dog bed, pillow or a few blankets to give your pet a nice area to rest on during longer trips. If your dog gets a little nervous in the car or becomes carsick, talk to your veterinarian about medication or other solutions to help calm him down during travel. This would be especially useful for air travel if a dog is riding in the cargo area of a plane.

Be sure all vaccinations are up to date well in advance of your travel date. Put a copy of your dogs’ rabies certificate and other health record in your glove compartment or with your travel papers. This will save a frantic call to your veterinarian if you need these on short notice, such as crossing borders. Pack any of your dog’s medications in their prescribed bottles to avoid confusion on dosages.

Finally, be sure that your dog is wearing a collar with identification and rabies tags attached. This will be helpful if, for some reason, your dog becomes lost. A microchip is also highly suggested for all pets, because a collar can sometimes get torn or taken off. Keep your dog on a leash when exercising or making a potty run and carry a bag to pick up any waste.

So enjoy your summer, and happy traveling!

August newsletter written by Lucy Kerby