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December Newsletter

Digital Dental Radiography

"Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital would like to welcome a new addition to our Equipment Team: Digital Dental Radiography! Beginning this December, when your pet comes in for a dental cleaning, we will also be taking radiographs (x-rays) of his teeth. We will use these radiographs to assess the health of the part of the tooth below the gum line. Even animals with apparently normal teeth can have disease below the surface, and detection and treatment of this disease can prevent systemic illness in your pet. A diseased tooth root can lead to an abscess, a painful and potentially harmful condition.

Cats can get a tooth root condition called feline ondoclastic resorptive lesions, and these are often only detectable on radiographs. Removal of affected teeth is the only treatment, and detection can lead to a much more comfortable cat.

Just like at your dentist, serial radiography can help us keep an eye on your pet with every routine cleaning. This monitoring will lead to a happier, healthier, cleaner mouth for your pet. Research tells us pets who have healthy teeth can live an average of 2 years longer.

Please help us welcome this new team member and schedule a dental cleaning for your pet today!"