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February Newsletter

Five random things your veterinarian wants you to know.

1) It isn’t safe to give your pet over-the-counter medication without advice from your veterinarian. For example, many owners consider ibuprofen a safe medication for pain. While this seems to be the medicine of choice in children (vs. aspirin), in pets ibuprofen can cause stomach ulceration and perhaps organ damage, and it can prevent us from being able to immediately start a more appropriate pain medication. Another good example is Tylenol, which is actually fatal to cats.

2) Chocolate CAN make your dog sick, but it is dose dependent. The amount and type of chocolate ingested are very important, and can be the difference between a simple upset stomach and more serious illness (even death).

3) Puppies and kittens need their vaccinations. All vaccinations prevent disease, and young pets are especially vulnerable to very serious illnesses. In puppies, parvovirus is pretty easy to prevent with a series of vaccinations. It is not, however, easy or inexpensive to treat. In kittens, we are also preventing a parvovirus, also known as panleukopenia. As in most cases, prevention is far less expensive than treatment, especially if the cost of illness is the pet’s life.

4) Our pets are living longer, which means we are seeing more arthritis and joint pain as they age. If you notice that your dog or cat is having a little more trouble getting around, is stiff to stand up after resting, or more reluctant to exercise, please let us know. There are several options available to make your pet more comfortable and have a better quality of life as they age.

5) We recommend that you treat your pets with heartworm and flea preventative all year round. Mosquitos can live in the house (heartworm) and fleas are always looking for a place tospend the winter (why not your pet?). Intestinal parasites, which are treated with your monthly heartworm medication, don’t take a winter vacation either.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call! The only stupid question is the one not asked.