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July Newsletter
When should you call your vet?

We often hear “We would have called sooner, but we were just sure this would get better, and we weren’t sure it was worth a visit to the vet.” This is a common and completely understandable comment, so we hope to shed a little light on what symptoms or situation might be worth a visit.

Here is a list that is in no particular order and obviously not all-inclusive:

1. If you find a new mass or growth on or under the skin, especially if it seems to be growing quickly. Even a non-cancerous mass can become a problem if it breaks open and bleeds.

2. Vomiting and diarrhea: If your pet is vomiting every time he eats, or several times in a short period, this is worth a call. Diarrhea may be a short-term issue, but becomes more urgent if it is occurring in the house of a housebroken animal, or if there is blood present. Please bring a stool sample if at all possible. Also, very loose stool that seems to be mostly blood would be considered an emergency.

3. Seizures: The first time your pet seizes, please call us, as we will likely want to do blood work and an exam. If your pet has a history of epilepsy, then you may want to have him seen if he has a seizure that lasts several minutes or has multiple seizures in a day, as his blood values may need to be evaluated and his medication may need to be readjusted.

4. Bleeding/broken toenail: If the toenail is bleeding or has recently broken but isn’t completely broken off, you may want to bring him in. Especially if he is limping.

5. Speaking of limping, a sudden limp with a known traumatic incident may improve in a few days with rest. HOWEVER, if your pet is not bearing any weight at all, this is something that should be seen. Also, even mild lameness that causes enough discomfort to keep your pet from resting comfortably may require medication and this is worth an examination as well. We do not like our patients to be in pain!!

6. Any possibility of toxin ingestion, even a slight possibility, is worth at least a phone call. In the case of some toxins, once signs become apparent it may be too late to treat.

7. Post-surgical swelling, drainage or pain. This is ALWAYS worth a look!

8. In reality, anything that concerns you is worth a visit to see us. Our job is to make you and your pet feel better, so never hesitate to call for an appointment.

Even if you aren’t sure there is a problem, just that something isn’t the same, please let us know. Concern for your pet is never silly. Remember, you know him best, and if something is wrong you are the first line of defense to make him feel better!