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June Newsletter

Laser Therapy

As previously mentioned in the November 2010 newsletter, SPVH now has a Cutting Edge Laser Technologies therapeutic laser. In that article, laser therapy is mentioned because of its uses in treating chronic arthritis pain. This month, we will explore the uses of laser light therapy in a little more in depth.

A veterinary laser therapy unit is considered to have potential benefits in circumstances that involve pain and inflammation. Examples include: soft tissue injuries like muscle strain and back pain, inflammation and pain from surface wounds, reduction of scar formation, potentially improving nerve function, and, as previously mentioned, alleviating arthritis and joint pain. We have also used it, with success, in cases of feline lower urinary tract disease, a frustrating to treat bladder condition in cats.

According to Cutting Edge Laser Therapies, the therapeutic laser has multiple biological effects that can have potential health benefits. The laser causes vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow, and can also activate the lymphatic system to promote drainage in swollen areas. It can also block pain and decrease nerve sensitivity, as well as promote cell growth.

The laserís settings are different depending on the condition treated. Frequency and length of time of treatment can be altered to achieve the desired results. A series of treatments are required for each condition, and occasionally booster treatments will help to manage a chronic condition.

The following pictures are of a post-surgery wound treated with laser therapy. The pictures were taken one week apart.



If you have questions or are interested in more information about the laser therapy and how it might benefit your pet, please contact us!