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June Newsletter


“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” ~Mark Twain

As you may have already noticed, the season of loud noises has begun. While spring and summer bring wonderful things like warm weather, flowers, and longer days, these seasons are also accompanied by occasional thunderstorms and a few weeks of fireworks. So while most spring and summer days are the happiest of your dog’s life, for some dogs these days are punctuated by moments of real fear. If you have the dog that hides under the bed when it starts to rain, or runs inside when the neighbor kids start lighting the fireworks, then you have a dog with a noise fear, or if severe enough, a phobia.

Why is this important? Does it hurt them to be afraid?

Anything that makes our four-legged family friends uncomfortable or unhappy is important. However, true phobias can be detrimental to a pet’s health, and can begin to interfere with normal function. If you feel that these loud noises are compromising your dog’s health or creating too much stress, there are steps we can take to help. Some fears are managed well with medication alone; however, timing becomes very important with most anti-anxiety medications. If they are only used for specific situations, these situations must be anticipated and pre-empted prior to the onset of the noise. Most sedatives and anti-anxiety medications must be given at least 30 minutes prior to the storm or fireworks. In very severe cases, or cases where sedatives would not be safe, there are also behavior modification exercises that may increase the comfort of your pet.

Please let us know if you feel that you might have a fearful pet, and we can help you come to a solution that makes both you and your friend more comfortable. After all, we want our friends to enjoy this time of year, not dread it!