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March Newsletter


Lymphoma is an overgrowth of the white blood cell called a lymphocyte, usually in organ tissue. There are different types of lymphoma, depending on what organ system is being affected. Common types of lymphoma include generalized (lymph nodes), and gastrointestinal. Less commonly, lymphoma can affect the eyes, chest cavity (lungs and associated lymph nodes), bone marrow, and the skin.
Because lymphoma can affect so many different systems, clinical signs are varied. Generalized lymphoma is usually detected when one or more lymph node is enlarged, and can often be diagnosed by using a needle to take a sample of the lymph node (“fine needle aspirate”).

Gastrointestinal lymphoma (stomach, intestines) usually involves vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss and it requires intestinal biopsy to diagnose.
Cutaneous (skin) lymphoma can often mimic a skin infection, and like the other types of lymphoma, is best diagnosed with a biopsy.

There is no known cause for lymphoma. Like any cancer, the development is considered multi-factorial, so there are several contributing conditions. Genetics and environment both play a part.

In most cases, lymphoma is not considered curable, at least at this time. However, many therapies are available to slow the progression of the disease.
“Cancer” is never a diagnosis anyone wants to hear. However, there is hope. If your pet has received this diagnosis, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact your veterinarian.