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May Newsletter
The Silver Whiskers Advantage

Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce a new wellness program for routine health screening in dogs* ages 6 and older. This package involves twice yearly visits to monitor for health problems that can potentially occur as our petsage. The earlier we find an illness, the more likely we will be able to successfully intervene.If at all possible,we want all of our pets to live better and longer lives!

The first visit includes a thorough examination and blood tests. Blood tests include: a complete blood count to look for anemia and infection, chemistry profile for organ function analysis (kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc), a thyroid level, heartworm/tick-borne disease snap test and fecal flotation for intestinal parasites.

The second visit includes a thorough examination, urinalysis, urine protein: creatinine ratio to monitor for early kidney disease, E.K.G. to check for heart arrhythmias, blood pressure assessment, and eye pressure check to screen for glaucoma or uveitis (eye infection).

All vaccinations for the year are also included in these visits. Our core vaccinations include Distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough and Rabies.
If all of these tests and vaccinations were done at full price, the cost would be almost $500. We are offering this package at a prepaid amount of $288 per year.
Early detection is extremely valuable in illness prevention and treatment, so if your dog is over six years of age, consider the Silver Whiskers Advantage discounted program. You can help your dog feel better, possibly live longer and even save money. Please call us if you are interested!

*Wellness program for cats is coming soon! Stay tuned to Facebook for updates.