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October Newsletter


It has been five years since we’ve discussed Leptospirosis in our monthly newsletter, and it is just as relevant as it was then. Lepto, as we call it in “the biz”, is a type of bacteria that can cause severe illness not only in our dogs, but also in humans.

What to know about Lepto:

1) There is a vaccination available for dogs, so it is preventable in most cases.

2) Lepto causes many different clinical signs, so confirmed diagnosis requires a special test (we send our samples for testing to the laboratory at Kansas State).

3) It is contagious to people!

4) Lepto is spread in urine, so always use caution when handling your pet’s urine. Dogs can be carriers without showing clinical signs.

5) We notice more lepto infections in cool, wet weather (spring and fall), although a pet can be infected any time.

6) Lepto is spread by wild animals as well, and can live in the environment for many years.

7) Signs of Lepto include some or all of the following: fever, lethargy, vomiting, increased urination, lack of appetite, or muscle pain. Many of these dogs are just “not doing right”.