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October Newsletter

Puppy Parties and Puppy Class

So, you’ve just added a new puppy to your household. Congratulations!! Picking out a clever name to fit your little furry friend, buying fun squeaky toys and the right puppy food are just the beginnings to your new adventure. A popular idea to introduce your new puppy to your friends and family is to have a Puppy party. Much like a baby shower, you might send out an announcement letting friends know the details of your new family member, date of birth, weight, breed(or mixed breeds) and coloring. Your invitation might include their well behaved dogs to attend as well or if you’re house won’t accommodate, leave it at humans only. You might serve up some cake or cookies for the human guests and make up canine menu items as well. Dog treats can be home baked or ordered online through specialty canine stores. You might even pick up the special ice cream treats made just for dogs sold at grocery stores.

Puppy passing is a simple game that reaps great benefits. During the puppy party or other visits, make sure your guests know the right way to securely pick up or hold a puppy and have everyone hold the puppy awhile, then pass puppy along to the next person, and so on. This helps with socialization and introduction to new people. You will also have a very tired puppy at the end of one of these visits.

Canine Puppy Camp (also known as Puppy Kindergarten) is offered to puppies, ages 7 weeks to 6 months of age. During the 4 weekly sessions puppies are exposed to other puppies, other people and children as well as weekly car rides, walking into the Veterinary clinic and having a fun visit with canine buddies. Basic obedience is introduced to give you a great start at good behavior. In just a few weeks your puppy will know its name and come when you call; will sit when you ask and stay to be safe. Ask your Veterinarian for information on the puppy class being held at right here at the Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital.

Happy Training.

Lucy Kerby/ Puppy Camp Instructor